The internet revolution

Imagine all these years when the supremacy of the press was unchallenged. The editors, the journalists and reporters were in such a comfortable and commanding position to write whatever they want in the press. And the masses just had to read whatever that were in prints. Internet is such a revolution as far as spreading news and information is concerned. And the coverage of internet is world wide. Its readership can only keep on going up while the printed media is limited to a paid readership, and shrinking. China alone has 220 mil net users, surpassing the US. The talk back process, the challenge to official views, the cynicism and criticism of tooth and half truths must be quite a shocking experience to the editors and journalists. Suddenly the comfort zone vanishes and they have to face judgement day for every piece of article they write. No longer untouchables. And if they write nonsense, they will look nonsensical. It is a brave new world.

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Anonymous said...

I gave up subscribing to ST a long time ago and I am glad I made the right decision. Now all my news comes from the internet forums, blogs and free news websites. No more depending on what bootlickers choose to dish out as news.