An interesting discovery on the mysterious escape

One interesting point that I gather from yesterday's article by Teh Joo Lin and Chong Chee Kin is that they did not know which route he took to escape. There was no evidence in the scene to confirm anything. According to American crime scene expert Gary Rini, 'endless possibilities of forensic evidence could remain at a scene, including hair, fibres, fingerprints, DNA and footprints.' And he 'was puzzled by the lack of forensic evidence but said that the question was how soon the team had been called in.' So did he or did he not escaped? Or how did he escape? The CCTV, the silent sentinel could not say anything. The escape may be answered by the discovery of his baju kurung in the forest. So Mas Selamat first took out his pants, then his baju kurung. He must be running around naked. Could he be wearing two layers of clothing and the gurkhas or any of the officers could not notice this? Just try to put on two shirts and two pants and you will get an obvious answer immediately. Is this an exercise to test the gullibility of Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...

it sure sounds like he got a dresser helping him. maybe a chauffeur too. in the absence of forensic evidence, anything is possible. but can one really vanish without a clue? with pontianak's help?
shit, if someone saw him running minus his clothes, wud he be charged for indecent exposure too?

Anonymous said...

Another discovery to spice up the mystery, but the MSM, particularly the Chua sisters are telling Singaporens to move on from this insignificant event.

redbean said...

the effect is the opposite.