I love my Nescafe

What's wrong with Singaporeans? Why are they falling all over because of a few unreasonable price increases and profiteering? Why would they pay $1.30 for Ah Koon's kopi, or $5 for CoffeeBean or at Starbucks? I am living happily every morning with my Nescape. Shit, the great escape is getting into me and I can't even spell Nescafe without mixing the two in one. At slightly more than 10c a pack, the 3 in 1 Nescafe is good enough for me. And if I am feeling a little generous, I can go to Hong Lim or Amoy Hawker Centre for a cuppa of kopi at 60c. And they really taste better than all the $1.30 kopi or $5 cuppa at the aircon cafes. At 10c a pack, even if the price skyrocketted by 50%, it is only 15c a pack. Very affordable, really. And if this is still too much, go for NTUC housebrand. Or at worst, downgrade to Seng Shiong housebrand if time is that tough. Other than instant mee, 3 in 1 is a great blessing.


Anonymous said...

'And they really taste better than all the $1.30 kopi or $5 cuppa at the aircon cafes'.

You are right. The cuppa served at those aircon outlets, for hard-core coffee addicts like me, hardly taste like coffee. But of course people like me will be branded as low-class or 'cannot keep up' type. Pardon my low-class peasant taste.

redbean said...

never mind lah. as long the money still in our pockets.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Different drugs for different people.