How could so wrong be so right?

The Malaysian govt is compensating 6 judges who were sacked by Mahathir in 1988. Among them was the former Lord President Tun Salleh Abas. There was no admission of guilt but many see this as a compromise way of saying sorry, that the govt had done wrong. And the people who are making the amend are the same UMNO leaders that said nothing and went along with the misdeed. How could something that was so right then, is now seen and acknowledged by all that it was wrong without even a retrial? Or is that the intent, to avoid a reopening of the case to put right what was wrong? How much faith could the Malaysians place on their leaders for such miscarriage of justice, to boot out their eminent people in the judiciary? But this is Malaysian politics. And this is democracy, or is it?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Corruption, miscarriage of justice, character assassination—these are all acceptable practices when it comes to politics. A good politician is adept at "statecraft" which is using the absolute powers of the state to achieve certain ends.

Mahathir used Shariah Law to bust Anwar for homosexual activities. When you have absolute power at your disposal, anything goes.

Anonymous said...

The wonderful thing about Malaysian politics. In Anwar's case, the magic is being able to produce evidence of Anwar's supposedly homosexual activites i.e. a stained mattress, and the court will accept it. In the infamous Lingam judge-fixing case, even in the light of the video-taped conversation with Tun Eusoff Chin, Lingam can say "It looks like me, sounds like me, but it is not me." He said all this in the Commission of Inquiry with batting an eyelid. You have monkeys running the country, and if they continue doing the same thing, the country will go down under. Presently the monkeys are still around and without a clue as to what hit them on 8th March 2008.