Hishamuddin apologises

After one and a half months of soul searching, think he found his soul, Hishamuddin apologised for his antics in keris kissing. He could not believe that kissing a keris can be so deadly, that it will cause the downfall of UMNO. He explained that his apology to the non Malays, 'for being frightened of a symbol, which was not my intention.' And to the Malays, 'for not being able to defend a heritage symbol.' So the reason for the kissing of the keris was only to defend a heritage symbol and nothing else. And when asked if he will kiss the keris again, he said he could not guarantee that he would not do it again. Next week 100 Malay organisations will hold a conference to defend Malay rights in Johore Bahru.


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that he is not defending his posittion as UMNO youth chief. So, he is probably saying the obvious.

Anonymous said...

He did that three times in three years at three different UMNO Conference. I am not sure that he is sincerely regretting, though he may appear to be apologizing. I would think he is doing it for political expediency only.

How can one already without a soul searched and found his soul?