Greed as the driving force

This is an open secret. We have been moulding greed into a powerful weapon to drive the individuals and the economy. Or to put it in another way, Money as the driving force. This is a very practical and realist approach in getting people to work, to serve their own interest first and serving the general interest of society as an incidental consequence. Bring in the rich and let them make all the money they can. In so doing they also help to create jobs for the people in other services. The LKY School of Public Policies could sell this as a programme, teach the world how to harness the forces of greed and money and burn a glorious path to the first world. This is reality, not nice to have idealism. No beating around the bush. It is the Singapore model that works and works very well. People may counter argue that there are other models for development. But this is our model, Uniquely Singapore, and no other country has a system like ours. No one has anything close to ours. It is the one and only system that has worked and with a good track record to show.


Matilah_Singapura said...

People are welcome to fall for this worn-out and totally untrue bromide, foisted on their consciousness by mad control-freak statists and central planners.

If you look at hove the average people in the RICHEST countries live, you will note:

1 They work less hours in the week

2 They get higher wages for less hours

3 They are essentially family-centered—family life is 1st priority, work and career adjusts around that.

4 They vacation more

5 They spend more as consumers

S'pore has been going that road, as her wealth has increased. Most people work 5 day week now compared to their forebears.

Greed is a GREAT motivator, despite all the bullshit negative "identities" dumb religions have made it out to be.

Many years ago, when a bunch of savvy political control freaks invented "religion", they knew they had to discover ways of making people "obedient" to authority, so that they could be controlled.

People back then were way dumber than they are now, and largely believed in the super-natural... that some "invisible" super-beings had power to alter reality and punish "sinners".

So these savvy political controllers devised ways of making people feel "guilty" for experiencing certain common human emotions. Thoughts about oneself was particularly bad, because if people thought about themselves and about their own self-interest; being motivated by what their own self-interest dictated, then these people would almost be IMPOSSIBLE to control.

If you are feeling "greedy" or "selfish", that means there there is some unfulfilled need that requires your attention. It's as simple as that. It is up to you to figure out the rest.

redbean said...

it is good for enterprise to be greedy. be greedy with public money is a different thing altogether.