Great place to hunt for politicians

The SICC was in the news recently on issues like who whispered about who and who had married more than once or guilty of bigamy. Today the SCC is in the news, this time about who were overstaying in office. It was reported that President Anwarul Haque, deputy President Leow Kim Liat and games control board Chairman Jurgen Martiens have been in office longer than usual. A member, Teh Leong, is challenging the three on grounds that a Rule 34 allows 'the maximum term of president, dep president, chairman of games control board and finance member is three consecutive years.To be eligible again, an affected office holder has to stand down for at least a year.' Mavis Toh reported that Anwarul has been president since 2001, Leow and Martiens both have been in office for more than three years. It is now a legal tussle and lawyers were engaged to unravel the meaning of Rule 34. The SCC is a microcosm of what Singapore is like. A place with a dearth of political talents and leaders. Given such a serious problem, the Rule 34 has provided for past office holders to stand up for reelection, but for good corporate governance I think, a break of one year is required. In my view, this is all unnecessary. With good and honourable men in charge, there is no need for such provisions. There is a great shortage of such talents and it is better and desirable for them to continue serving for the good of the club for as long as they can. Otherwise, if no other talent is available or willing to stand for office, like Anwarul being elected unopposed, then the club will end up with no leadership. All these rules on one term or two terms should be abolished and amended. The SCC is a club of luminaries and many eminent lawyers and there is no fear of wrongdoings or another NKf.


Anonymous said...

These are private clubs. Nobody gives a damn whether they close down or become another NKF.

When you inhibit people from mainstream politics, they will show up in private organizations like clubs. It's no surprise really.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> The SCC is a microcosm of what Singapore is like. <

You mean S'pore is run by drunk lawyers and half-arsed boring, aging millionaires? (with nary a woman in sight)