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The fear of the uncertain future

'A Malaysian friend from the state of Selangor just told me that he had been pleasantly surprised at the way that the general elections had turned out. ”For years we were told that if the opposition came into power, there would be chaos and bloodshed, that they’re troublemakers,” he said. For fear of instability, he – and his family – had always voted for the governing alliance – Barisan Nasional (BN) – including in the most recent election. He had done so despite realising that BN was doing a lousy job, he added. “Fear of trouble made us shun the opposition. Now we know better.” The picture in the immediate aftermath has turned out surprisingly well. No one, of course, can predict the future, ....' The above are extracts from an article by Seah Chiang Nee in He was discussing the recent Malaysian GE and its aftermath. Singaporeans have also been told of a similar situation should the opposition wins and form a new govt. There will be trouble, investors will flee because of the uncertainties, instability will take over, Singapore women folks will become maids in other countries. And of course the unspoken, the opposition will be bad govt and will squander the countries savings away, ie our CPF savings. So the only right thing to do for kiasu and kiasi Singaporeans is to vote for the same party and govt to ensure continuity, stability and prosperity,...and no trouble.


Anonymous said...

Everyone does that too.. Hun Sen just told the cambodians if he is not elected in the coming months, funds will flee and property prices collapsed. It is a game people play. Big or small. Nothing wrong with that.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The present bunch of S'pore opposition talent couldn't govern a turd in a toilet. The folks in the PAP are only slightly better, so they win by "default".

Anonymous said...

Bribes, threats, uncertainty and groundless predictions certainly worked wonders during the last election here in Singapore. Singaporean daughters and wives becoming maids in foreign land was so laughable. Cannot remember who came out with that rubbish !!!!

redbean said...

can't imagine what will be the slogan or catchphrase for the next election. how about more inflation and higher cost of living if the govt is not returned to power? or how about more prisoners will escape?

Anonymous said...

In the 1960s, the Phillipines was the most advanced country in SE Asia. Look at where they are now. The Fillipino graduates who ahve to go overseas as domestic helpers are certainly not laughing. You think Singapore cannot go down the same path ? Think again. Nothing is a given in this world. Worker's Party is no PKR, and Low Thia Khiang is no Anwar Ibrahim. They are leagues apart, so the comparison with Malaysia is totally not valid.

redbean said...

agree that we don't have good opposition candidates at the moment. and not because there are no able people who are as good if not better than the pap.

there are many very able people to choose from if the system is favorable to their entering politics. maybe it is all a matter of timing.

the direction we are heading is not very encouraging.