An example of a simple mind

You don't have to look far to understand how simple minded Singaporeans are. Just read the post by a Chong Yew Mun in the ST Forum today. He is claiming that people were too quick to recognise others mistakes like the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo and thinks that they have overlooked the putting down of the recent Tibetan riots. He also finds it curious that Dr Ong Siew Chey, another forumer, suggested that the timing of the Tibetan riots coincided with the Beijing Olympics. He can not see any connection in the two events. His innocence is remarkable. He said China is solely responsible for the recent protest because of its suppression of the riots. It was the rioters fault that led to the suppression. He needs to understand what is geopolitics and why human rights is bullshit when political considerations take precedence. I like his innocence and idealism of a black and white world view. So simple to understand.


Anonymous said...

We got a lot of bananas monkeys could use them.

Anonymous said...

My aunty once complained about her children being highly educated but thick in the head. They form judgements based on what the MSM feed to them. But I think the reason is because most do not know their history. It is just like saying Singapore is it is today because of one man. What about contributions from others before him and even during his time?

Matilah_Singapura said...

> understand what is geopolitics and why human rights is bullshit when political considerations take precedence. <

Really? You must live in a different universe from the one I'm in.

I hope the weather over there is fine :)

redbean said...

education comes in different forms. some regurgitate, some process information and form new opinions of their own.

i believe that the americans really believe in human rights when they drop those bombs in vietnam and iraq and afgan.

and abu ghraid and guantanamo must be the temples of human rights movements.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes true. The American FEDERAL GOVT is a huge violator of human rights. However you've left out an important fact which distinguishes the USA from any other country— the vigilance of a minority of American people.

The American PEOPLE are the biggest critics of their own government. In fact, the certain sectors of American people (freedom lovers) have ALWAYS been fighting their governments and occasionally executing their presidents.

The folks who are helping proper justice in places like Guantanamo and Abu Gharib are America's own human rights activists—lawyers, journalists, celebrities, common folks, bloggers etc.

America itself was a country born out of the struggle between the individual and some form of "authority".

It is important to include this facet of American culture when accusing the US Federal Govt of human rights abuses.

redbean said...

the history of modern china actually started after 1949, or 1978. For about 100 years, china was a country only in name. it was bankrupt of everything, even ideas. the massive destruction of the chinese society and the chinese people gave birth to a totally new china from a clean slate, a very hungry and impatient people in a hurry under mao, but failed miserably.

then came deng who liberated the people from centuries of backwardness. while europe was having a renaissance, it ran past china.

the rough times that the chinese people went through during the cultural revolution were still written over the faces of the older chinese.

there is now a new people emerging from the mess of deprivation, victimisation and humiliation.

in the last 30 odd years, the chinese are rebuilding themselves and finding their own feet, from abject poverty to self sufficiency, from being the sick man of asia to a super power, basically relying on their own steam. little help from the west but under constant pressure, sabotaged, boycotts, threats and sanctions.

they are still in a hurry, not to kill people or to occupy countries, but to build a better life for themselves.

they have gone past the stages of hunger and feeding themselves. with prosperity, they will be able to be nicer people, and enjoy the finer things of life that affluent societies can afford. not that they have not been nice. they have to make sure that their economic progress is not hampered by other unfriendly countries. and the unfriendly countries are showing themselves in trying to humiliate them even for organising a sporting event.

mark my word, the chinese people will be more liberal and progressive and more concern about human rights in time to come.

have you seen the chinese army engaging in warfare other than defending their own territorial rights in the last 50 years?

there is no blood in the hands of hu jintao and wen jiabao. can you say that of bush, rice and all the hotshots in washington?