The emergence of the next PM

Singaporeans have been sold the idea that the next PM must come from those in the 30s, probably some straight A's kid who is very successful making money somewhere else. See, straight A's and making money are two vital qualities. The heart and the passion to serve the people are of lesser importance. How many Singaporeans really believe that the next PM will be someone in his 30s today? If life is so simple, that we can plan everything to such an extent, we will have peace and prosperity in the world. When JB Jeyaratnam announced the formation of a new Reform Party, I say, geez, he could be our next PM if the force wants him to be. He is available and offering himself to the people. And he, surprisingly named his party the Reform Party. A senior 82 year gentleman with reform in mind. Reform, a milder version of Revolution and change, should be initiated from the young hot heads as many would naturally think so. Now, this octogenarian is going to lead the reform of the new Singapore. And he has a full list of agenda on what he wants to reform. Kids, stand aside. Not your turn yet. JB is here first. A man who has an undying passion to lead and serve the country, with a heart and intention in the right place. He may not have the straight A's and the money making ability, but he wants to serve the country. Who should the Singaporeans choose? Someone who wants to do the job or someone they have to beg to do the job and with offers of a huge salary package? And then the guy comes in and says it is a big sacrifice to take the job? He may even say Singapore and Singaporeans are so lucky to have him for a song. And Singaporeans must forever be grateful. This is the land of possibilities. Don't doubt, anything is possible.


Matilah_Singapura said...

No matter how much the job pays, being PM of S'pore incurs a very high personal price.

redbean said...


think of the returns and rewards against the price. this is not the days of the communist revolution when a politician can be assassinated. neither is singapore a taiwan or a wild african state, or east timor.

Matilah_Singapura said...

IMO, still no worth it. S'porean proletariat makes impossible demands—they want this, they want that, the govt has to solve every problem.

You have to lead dumb-ass ministers, contend with fuck-heads in parliament, don't know who has the dagger to stick into your back when you are unaware...got to deal with incestuous UMNO motherfuckers....

Really, if a person has that much value to offer, private enterprise is still the way to go. $5 mil a year plus plus plus is no big deal for the top people in the private sector. And they have MUCH MORE FUN. (notice people in the private sector smile more than people in the govt)

Someone else might think that being PM is great,I wouldn't take the job if it were given to me on a plate at 2 or 3 times the present money. Fuck it.

Anonymous said...

reform what? the political structure?

power to the people comes at a price. is he willing to pay that price? and i mean...HE!