Defending Kan Seng

The divide between cyberspace and msm is stark. One is outright in demanding that Kan Seng accepts full responsibility and resign. The other is saying that he should not take the blame and should stay on, be given a second chance. I just did a straw poll on ST readers and 78% supported Kan Seng to stay on. 11% said he should do the honourable thing to resign. And 11% said someone should resign but not necessary Kan Seng. My straw poll is from the comments of 9 people appearing in the ST. Take it with a pinch of salt. What about the kopitiams and the private talks? Generally many were very cynical about the whole affair and their stand, though not saying much, is more for someone high up to take the rap. What is surprising is that in Parliament seatings, no one spoke out in defence of Kan Seng except for Hsien Loong. Other than those who asked uncomfortable questions, the rest were just too shock to take a stand. From ministers to MPs, their position as to whether Kan Seng should or should not resign was a complete silence. Perhaps some of you may read somewhere that there were MPs or Ministers who spoke out for Kan Seng. No one seems to be able to 'cho swee swee' and come out with an amicable position to please the public outrage, I mean the internet outrage, and at the same time leaving Kan Seng where he is. The position of msm at this point, when the heat is at its worst, to come out with a stand like Chua Lee Hoong, only helped to antagonise those who want to see Kan Seng's resignation. It is better to let the heat subside a little, when tempers are less likely to flare before saying something to the contrary. Sometimes not saying anything is better than adding fuel to the fire.


Anonymous said...

1. Mas Not Selamat - He is dead! Period
2. Escape from ISD - No way!
3. 7 rolls toilet paper - Ha! No way!
5. No CCTV - Of cos! How to capture if the main actor is dead?
4. He still in Singapore - Of cos. Dead body cannot move.
5. Silence from the family of Mas Not so Selamat - Bought off
6. No trace of Mas Selamat after escape thru' window - Never did since already dead.
7. Anyone saw Mas Selamat now - Better keep quiet becos he is a ghost. You will be investigated for giving flase info, as authorities know he is already dead.
8. Why the flimsy story of him escaping - Cos' if they admitted he died, it will cause international uproar and human rights orgs will be up in arms over this. Plus with the F1 just round the corner, they do not want JI or allies to revenge his death during this event which has international coverage. The repercussions will be terrible.
9. No offer of resignation nor any top echelon personnel asked to resign - Obviously, since he did not escape but died in custody.
10. Why are we asked to 'MOve On" - Becos, actually we are so damn good, there was no such escape and Sinkies need not fear him returning. The fear will be his friends and colleagues doing revengeful acts. That is ok for we will thwart their attempts, but for now, just..just move on ok? Don't make such a big fuss as everything ok. Leave it to them as they know what is best for Sinkies. We need to make F1 successful because it will enhance our world reputation and also $$$.

So everyone please listen to our Senior Minister, move on and learn from this because this is peanuts compared to what we can expect from our leaders in future.

Anonymous said...

Did you see him DEAD? ? Assume you didnt so you should clarify in your writing that this is purely speculation/hypothesis. There are many theories abound. Only first party witness can truely say he is DEAD. Let's go through this scenario and see if your theory is plausible.

Imagine YOU the ISD officer discovered Selamat body DEAD. You reported this to your superior (one) who in turn reported this to ISD Directorate assume comprises of 3-5 high ranking. ISD Directorate reported this directly to WKS and PS(Security).

Let count how many Officers are now involved. Approximately 9.

ALL 9 under OSA and shut up to cover their rear.

Imagine further -Selamat body had to be buried means a graveyard had to be dug or he be cremated ie his body be brought to a mortuary or the graveyard. Imagine all these were done. The number of officers now expand from 9 to say 12 persons.

Fine you say they are all under OSA & had to shut up. Fine

Imagine further - NOW these ISD Officers HEAR WKS & LHL bull-shit in Parliament telling a lie in Parliament assuming your theory is still correct. Both WKS & LHL acting in concert to planned COVER-UP and play along with glorious COI report. Can you imagine how serious it has become and the number or person involved in this theory.

LHL said if WKS is directly involved and if his integrity is in question he will have to go. Cover-up brings integrity directly in question.

What about those who had shut -up as speculated here & the number of spin doctors needed to spin the stories & continue this cover-up.What about the COI?

We can only speculate but think the above scenario of Selamat being DEAd and the ppl involved to cover up and spin his escape story is highly not plausible.

For all its worth, you may well be DEAD right too. We are all guessing just like you but for now like to think he is not dead.

It is plain simple. He escaped.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:25 PM wrote:

"Did you see him DEAD? ? Assume you didnt so you should clarify in your writing that this is purely speculation/hypothesis. There are many theories abound. Only first party witness can truely say he is DEAD."

Do you really believe anyone writing here has seen Mas Selamat dead? You need clarification (confirmation) that this is all highly speculative? Could someone who saw him dead be writing here? Isn't it pretty obvious to you that it is pure speculation or are you one of those smart Sinkies that need to put someone down to appear smart?

You say that there are many theories abound, please tell us what those theories are? You have every right to believe the story as given by the government. Yes it is possible he could escape.

Let me ask you how come he has 7 rolls of toilet paper in a cubicle meant for men to pee in? Was there an answer given by the government. Have you been to a public toilet anywhere for men to pee where toilet papers are available and yes, there are 2 or more toilet rolls? Will you believe that any reputable organisation, say for example, Changi Cargo Terminal, Shell Bukom or DBS, would allow the CCTV to be out of operation even for an hour, whilst having a new one replaced?

Here we are talking about ISD, the INTERNAL SECURITY DEPARTMENT, a highly professional government organisation in charge of the security of Singapore. They are the best highly trained security personnel we have and their main business is SECURITY. Who better than them knows all about security? So, if a simple thing such as replacing a CCTV System was not performed according to the SOP in the premises of ISD itself, what conclusion will you arrive at?

As for me, it is highly improbable that this could happen. Other countries perhaps, but definitely not in Singapore. Having been to various high security places in Singapore, I have every confidence in our people who are in charge of our security. Being a Singaporean, I have no doubt as to our people being highly trained, efficient and professional in their line, be it our Armed Forces, Police, and etc.

So to you he simply escape. Is it so simple? Think again.

Anonymous said...

I too believe that Mas Selamat is already DEAD and his body kept somewhere, to be found at a later date at a convenient time by an "accidental act of discovery" by a third "innocent" party.

All the evidences that support his escape simply cannot get well; too many unanswered questions.

Only people like Sherlock Holmes can tell us the truth not the people in the COI; they do not have such detection skills. They themselves have told us that they only assume and that they could not trace the escape route.

There were also no finger prints - how come? What about other forensic evidences, such as hair particles, perspiration, bits of clothing, scent, DNA?

And why the PM couldn't care about such a grave matter until 11 days later, then came out and say: "Its a lapse. It happened. What to do?" He couldn't even bothered to speak to the whole nation properly. He can't even bothered say a few words to protect his DPM at that time. Why then protect him two months later? Wasn't that an after-thought?

Why MM said govt not wrong but its the people who are complacent and that security personnel are not infallible? Or words to that effect?

My gut feeling and intuition tell me that Mas Selamat is already DEAD. That is the most probable when we put the pieces of available evidences together.

redbean said...

with so many gaps and ludicrous things in the report, if they are the facts, i feel very sorry for isd.

and it is only normal for people to speculate and form views of their own. until mas resurfaces, no one is sure which version is the truth. now every version is as good as the tooth.