Crisis in leadership

We went through the NKF fiasco quite successfully. When the issue was in the open, Boon Wan quite decisively made a statement that no one will be spared. The message was clear that the wrong doers would be dealt with. They were dealt with. There were attempts to link it to the govt as a failure to prevent it from coming. But this did not hit off as the line was clear, a NGO charitable organisation. The current crisis is about the Home Ministry. There was a moment when no one was sure where it would lead to. Now the target is Kan Seng. There is even a petition calling for his resignation. A reminder of what happened in the NKF crisis. The subsequent events, the way the COI was delivered in Parliament, were not received well. It was the fault of the window, it was the fault of the Gurkhas, the poor design of the detention centre and many other lapses. Yes, a confluence of failures that led to the escape. It gave the impression that Kan Seng was a third party looking into the matter. And this was noticed earlier when the COI was formed. The Home Ministry investigating its own affair, unlike the Health Ministry investigating the wrongdoings of NKF. Wonder if it would help if Kan Seng had said, it was my men, my ministry that committed the lapses. Anyway, when Hsien Loong absolved Kan Seng and stopped the buck at the detention centre, the reaction was kind of a, what's that? The scene shifted. It is now a leadership issue. Would this issue develop into a full blown leadership crisis? The tension on the ground is simmering. This could be worst than the NKF crisis. I think damage control is in operation. I just browse through this morning's Today paper and there was not a single news on the issue. The silence is very telling.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> Would this issue develop into a full blown leadership crisis? <

It would be great if it does. It must. It is necessary. There must be rivalrous competition for ideas--and the leadership crisis should be allowed to develop in full. How it goes from there, is how it goes. Period.

If there is no out in the open warfare now, it will be suppressed and left to fester at the bottom, poisoning the culture in the organization.

This is how it goes in the private sector. It is vicious, and brutal. But hey, no one asked anyone to throw their hat into the ring. If you are going to be in "a game", then PLAY.

redbean said...

it is politics.

Anonymous said...

you are damn wrong or the health minister is lying.

What to Dulai ? He is now in Dubai earning exorbitant salary. He will not serve his sentence in jail anymore because probably he serve as someone useful for government to work with Dubai. And because of this, the government keep silent on Durai's case and want everyone to move on.

So what's the deal ? Because the coffers has a contract with Dubai in helping them build world class airport (Word class, my foot!)

Durai going to jail ? Wait long long !

redbean said...

he is innocent. he did it with the boards approval. we are a country of rule of the law and everything must be proven. and it is so difficult to prove unless you can find a receipt.

nowadays taxi got receipt if anyone needs proof.