Charity is popular business

Why is charity or setting up a charity is such a good business, or popular thing to do? Bankrupts are doing it, kids are doing it, jobless people are doing it, religious people are doing it, and officials are doing it? There must be something very attractive about doing charity. Good for the heart, good for the image. Or is there something more to it? Looking at the number of charity organisations or funds that are being set up every month, it has truly become a business, with many people being employed and working. Don't be surprise soon one of these entrepreneurs will be receiving the businessman of the year award.


Anonymous said...

I bet you read the Today's coverage on that guy Jasons lim,that unduscharged bankrupt who started Love Foundation.

I was his former employee when he ran a school (not Jwinner).
I was one of many who disliked his crooked personality.

In the end,i spoke up against certain things he did and did not get my pay.

MOM??Went there,but little they could do.

redbean said...

in paradise we believe in the rule of law. as such it is very difficult to catch a thief unless he is caught with money in his hand.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I fear these people will fuck it up, and the govt will use that as an excuse to step in and take over the show...again.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the law says about undischarged bankrupts being involved in running charitable organisations. That is even worse than being allowed to start their own business.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Undischarged bankrupts are fully "legal" when it comes working as an employee.

I would say this fella's status is "employee", which would skirt the legal requirements for personal solvency.

Anonymous said...

He is a crook....he started and failed a school,and then went in and fouled up the school i worked in....leaving a few ppl like us w/o pay.

And as if that is not enuff,went and set up a charity...under his wife's name.
He and charity?? Doesn't link man....


Anonymous said...

So, in theory, a bankrupt can still set up a business by using the spouse's name. No wonder people noadays are not afraid of declaring bankruptcy.

redbean said...

ya they found out and closed his charity set up.

this charity thing is getting ridiculous. so many dubious characters in so many dubious charities.

when people flock to do something, like bubble tea, it is a biz.