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Blogging credence

Blogging and cyberspace have taken a big leap forward in Malaysia. The ruling UMNO is taking the challenge of internet right by the horns and running with it. Instead of the typical running down of cyberspace, clamping it down with more rules and regulations and threats of using police power, UMNO has embraced cyberspace as a partner in connecting with the public. The latest development that demands an UMNO youth candidate to have a blog as a prerequisite to stand for election is revolutionary, and progressive. I must admit that I am startled by the move. But I must congratulate UMNO for facing the challenge head on and not behave like some wimps or spoilt brats and resort to the abuse of power to control cyberspace. Some Malaysian top bloggers were invited to share their experience in Singapore. They were defensive and played down on the impact of cyberspace on the Malaysian GE. There were many other factors involved that led to the big swing in votes. Cyberspace was only one of them. The reaction from the Singapore corner is quite expected. Oh, cyberspace is a rubbish dumb of misinformation or inaccurate information. The readers or public must be protected and only the msm could provide factual and accurate information. I wanted to laugh. There are misinformation and rubbish in cyberspace, no doubt about it. But not everything is rubbish. On the contrary, not everything in msm are accurate or factually correct. No misinformation in msm? Come off it. At this point in time, cyberspace is perceived as the enemy or potential enemy, the anti establishment rebels. The only cyberspace/blogs that are credible are those set up by the establishment. Why must a little criticism or disagreement in views be anti establishment? Why should it be when it is openly admitted that the best brains are so so and could make mistakes as well? The recent events and developments and back peddling stand as proof and vindication that opposition to unfavourable or badly thought out policies is a good thing and very necessary. _________________


Anonymous said...

Let them continue to think that blogs are rubbish dump. There will come a time, like in Malaysia, when people treat the MSM as spouting propaganda all the time and, in time, people will start to treat them with contempt and as no longer reliable news.

Anonymous said...

The big crackdown will come sooner or later. Everywhere in cyberspace, no one has any good thing to say about the regime except those of the regime and msm.

redbean said...

can some of you say something good please, please.

Anonymous said...

As a blogger, you are the best person to start the ball rolling.