Bad hustlings in a democracy

Anyone reading what is happening in Malaysia will be full of praise of the democratic process and freedom of expression. Mahathir is openly accusing Abdullah, the PM, of nurturing corruption and cronyism. In return abdullah is saying that Mahathir is a hypocrite, that he was the one who imprisoned critcs without trial and curtailing press freedom during his rule. 'These were all his orders from time to time,' said Abdullah. I wonder what will happen if such statements were made in our rule of law country? Both of them will be suing each other to bankruptcy. This airing of dirty linen in the open is bad, bad for the individuals and bad for the party, and bad for democracy and freedom of expression. We should not have such things in our clean and faultless country. We need to spend our energy in development and making more money instead of squabbling big time. Thank god we are spared from such vibes and we can maintain a certain level of respectability and decorum.


Anonymous said...

Singapore is a 'sewing' society and those who opened their mouth will get 'sewed' until they cannot breathe. That is also why dirty linens never gets aired. I guess it is also Singaporeans fault lah!

Anonymous said...

It is better to air everything in the open rather than hidding everything in the closet.

redbean said...

another complacency problem.