The apple is rotting

The big juicy red apple was too good to believe. People have this uncanny feeling that something is wrong but could not place where exactly has gone wrong. In the meantime the apple keeps rotting from the inside. Finally we are seeing an open sore. The worms are crawling out and it is looking very ugly. In the days of Goh Keng Swee or Howe Yoon Chong, or Pang Tee Pow, they would be screaming their heads off and many heads would be chopped, butts kicked. Compare to the scene today, all so cool. Complacency or silly, we looked very amateurish. One thing for sure, no one will engage us as their consultants on security matters. We have lost all credibility in this field.


Matilah_Singapura said...

What's the big deal? On Sept 11, 2001 terrorists using Xacto knives brought down the world trade center. Mas Selamat escapes thru a window, and shimmy's down the blue pipe. All simple "lo-tech" shit thwarting multi million or billion dollar investments into "security".

I've said this over and over again: the govt can't protect you all the time from criminals. even the police can't protect you from thieves. The thief steals now. If they are "lucky", the police will catch him later. The point is: the crime is committed.

Anonymous said...

We are not going witch-hunting this time, so the next time when something happens, no camp commandant (police or military) need worry, your butt will be half-saved. We will continue to pay salaries till your retirement but no promotion blab. Dont make mistakes twice. As a country we have moved on, we have become more humane and lame too. Where is the cracklines in the big red apple? It is no fault of supertalent nor fault of officers, it is all Selamat's faults. Dont worry he is still in Singapore.. So you can hide in SIN and if you stay low enough, you will not be caught. How about knock on every doors for a start.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the fact that he has the intention to do harm but has not committed it, he was deemed as a dangerous person. If that is so then it is pretty laughable that this can happen here.

If you have a warrant of arrest against you for not paying a car park fine and not attending court hearing, you will be treated as a dangerous criminal too. They will come to your home in the dead of the night and handcuff you in front of your neighbours and bring you to the station for someone to go there and put up a bail. They are so overzealous that they will not even allow you to be release from the handcuffs to blow your nose or even scratch an itch. They fear that this car park offender will put up a violent struggle and may even resort to doing them harm. Pretty pathetic but not so amusing if it happens to you. These are the so-called professionals that we have in the forces.

No flexibility to think out of the box, no compassion for a poor fellow human who for some personal reasons did not attend court, nothing really serious. Refusing to allow him a break to pee even. WTF is going on in this fucking country you ask me? I am not really surprise that Mas Selamat can beat these supposedly professionals and their system. They follow the book so closely and are very inflexible in their approach. Hence I am ROFL.

The Juniors are reprimanded...yes that should be done, but....the Head Honchos get away with an apology? LOL. We, the public are expected to accept this explanation and nod our heads and say "Wow, good job, guys, you deserved every cent we have spent on your salary, so we can sleep peacefully in our beds. That is, provided we pay our fines on time and attend the court hearing as requested.

Anonymous said...

"We are as good as the people operating them" Can you imagine a million dollar paid person telling you this crab. Similarly, the country is as good as the people running them. Such pathetic linkages with no effort or commitments. The State paid them million of dollars for them to make such pathetic statements and the State justify every dollar spent is well spent.

Supertalent in turn call upon foreigners to give them the blueprint and reward these foreigner more millions. Tried & tested - dont need a super million supersoaker to teach you this monkey work. Supertalent in turn deny local their opportunity when they go to foreigners for blueprint.

When situations like Mas selamat happen _happens " we are as good as the people operating them" Do you need a million dollar brainer or no brainer to tell you such stupid statements.

These are signs of cracks appearing. IF billions of Temasek or GIC money do go missing - will you be expecting to hear "we are as good as the people operating them.."

Case discussed & closed. The intellect of ppl is insulted. Hunt for Mas selamat is rare & this should also tally-ho in votes, there is no need to witch- hunt.

redbean said...

using the present concept or formula, the emperor will never do wrong. he is too far from where the action is.

so what we have is super pay and no accountability or responsibility.

is this the formula that we should live by?