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The amazing Mahathir

His conscience is clear. He did everything for the good of Malaysia. And everything that he had done were within the law. He did not know that he changed the judiciary and put his friends as judges. He did not know that he fixed up the opposition and put them in jail. He did not know that his children's successes were due to his influence. He did not know that he practised cronyism. And he did not know that corruption was rampant among his UMNO comrades. Just because everyone got something did not mean that it was right or he need not feel guilty about it. And today, he still stand tall as an elder stateman, telling Abdullah to resign. That is the amazing Mahathir, the amazing grace of Malaysia.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Without Dr Mahathir, global politics would be boring.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just like LHL is not PM because of his dad, and Ho Ching did not become head honcho of Temasek because her husband is the PM. You know what they say about not throwing rocks around if you live in a glass house, Redbean ? Look at your own back yard first before worrying about your neighbour's. At least your neighbour has started the process of cleaning up his back yard. When are you going to start cleaning up yours ?

redbean said...

right on boy.

and yes, it is easy for me to comment about mahathir. i casn even scold bush. i got to be extra careful about what i say about happenings in paradise.

nanti mabok susah.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is supposedly the only non partisan one around. How can you be non partisan if you choose to not comment on the shit emanating from the PAP ? That is called selective reporting and is the main characteristic of the MSM you so deride.

redbean said...

non partisan means commenting and criticising fairly. but cannot make comments that one cannot support or can render one to libel suits.

what i said about mahathir were all reported in the malaysian msm.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To the anonymous'es:

Nepotism and corruption go hand in hand with national politics—especially in Asia.

I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with this, because the whole darn thing is anchored to a "falsehood" — the idea of a state.

There are many things one can enjoy in the world without "feeling bad" that the PAP or UMNO or the Barisan etc is corrupt and has corrupt people in it giving their families a free handout.

I mean, are you yourself so PRISTINE and MORALLY UPRIGHT that you wouldn't do the same things if you had the power bestowed on you?

My bet is that you'll be as corrupt as these politicians you so readily accuse of being less than "morally perfect".

Anonymous said...

But I believe at least Mahathir will take criicism in his stride, reluctantly of course, and he will not sue you. Give him some credit.

Anonymous said...

Can the never-do-well, out-of-work asshole here kindly shut the fuck up and sing WAWASAN 2020 after me!

Anonymous said...

Redbean, just because they were reported in the Malaysian MSM, does not make them true or fair. They have their own agenda, just like The Singaporean MSM. Where is your fairness then ?

Anonymous said...

Where the flaw lies is the commn law of libel holds each republisher of false defamatory stms equally liable as the original publisher, so good luck to the false hope beanie.

redbean said...

i agree with anonymous. mahathir will not sue. press freedom in malaysia is different from singapore.

if anyone will to post such things here and cannot back them up, he will land in hot soup immediately. singapore msm will not anyhow post such articles.

oh, malaysian msm too will not anyhow post if they cannot back them up. the truths are already out for all to see. mahathir will not embarass himself to drag the msm to the court

it will be another case of nkf.

Anonymous said...

"oh, malaysian msm too will not anyhow post ..."

If you believe that, then you are truly deluded yourself. The Malaysian MSM is as prone to misinformation and misreporting as the Singaporean ones, more so I may add. Just to give you one small example. The Star and NST reported that crowd attendance at the last DAP rally before polling day at a mere 5,000 whereas the actual figure was closer to 20,000 !! How's that for "won't anyhow post" ? The Malaysian MSM has zero credibility with the Malaysian people, which was the reason for the proliferation of blogs and online news portals, which played a role in the political tsuami or Mar 8. On the contrary, I think it is you who should not "anyhow post" lest you lose credibility as well.

redbean said...

hahaha, good point anonymous.

sama sama huh. msm will be msm. and cyberspace will be cyberspace.

that is why people must be discerning in what they read and not to take things at face value, especially from the msm and from my posts.

Anonymous said...

Like the last election here. The crowd at the Workers Party rallies were completely different between what the MSM reported and what blogs like 'Yawning Bread' put it. So you have to be discerning in what you read on the MSM and blogs.

redbean said...

to be discerning is to be able to see through falsehood and know when people are spouting rubbish. msm print distorted truth, selected truth as well as truth. so is cyberspace.

both are equally good in what they are doing. just don't believe them when they lie but believe when they don't.