All road signs in Melayu

I drive to Malaysia very frequently for leisure. And I did not have much problems with the road signs. I could make out what they meant most of the time. Only once when I was a little confused when I was in Malacca. I was driving along this road and it seemed that there was no ending to it. I kept turning and turning and I kept hitting Jalan Sehaja. It must be the longest road in Malaysia. The Sunday Times complained about signs that Singaporeans could not read or understand. Well, that's your problem. The roads are in Malaysia and the signs are meant for Malaysians only. And if you want to drive in Malaysia, you better buck up on your Melayu. That is the practical way to do. And Singaporeans being practical, they should not be complaining. In Tokyo I too had no problems reading the signs. Neither do I have problems in the big cities in China. They have signs in English to make it easy on the foreigners. It is their way of saying foreigners are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> And if you want to drive in Malaysia, you better buck up on your Melayu <

Agreed. Expecting Malaysia to change to please the editorial staff of the Sunday Times is simply wishful thinking.

I don't have problems driving in most places. I carry my own GPS unit wherever I go, with the latest maps of the territory installed, and the bloody thing speaks to me in English. I couldn't care less if the road signs in Malaysia were written in Jawi.