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All can play the separatist game

Would u support American Chinese to secede from America If u support Tibetan minority to do so? A letter to NY Times. ================ March 31st, 2008 3:48 am Mr. Kristof: I am a 3rd generation ethnic-Chinese overseas, an American lawyer based in San Francisco, with my own private law firm engaged in transactional work between China/HKG/Taiwan and California. I am not known for being an apologist for the Chinese government, but as an ethnic Chinese in the overseas Diaspora, I am outraged at the "piling" and orchestrated China demonization and bashing on this lead-up to the '08 Olympics. That the West, from Europe, and the U.S., have exploited this year's Olympics to machinate, scheme, and execute this "Mau Mau" against China and its peoples, at this time, at this juncture,using the Dalai Lama and his secessionist movement, smacks of western powers "overreaching" and will be met with resistance and outrage from the ethnic Chinese Diasporic communities scattered throughout 135 countries around the world. In San Francisco, the only Olympics torch relay stop in the U.S., we ethnic Chinese in the San Francisco Bay Area have been completely muffled by your news media in America, and the biased reporting tilting towards the "Shangri-la" Lamaist farce of a pacifist Dalai Lama is outrageous and will not be allowed to pass without the appropriate response, in our own "assymetric" ways. China and its peoples are no longer the "sick men of Asia." Over a century and a half ago, opium was used by the Western imperialists to subjugate China and the Chinese people. Today, the drugs and drug addiction are reversed, with Western Europe and the U.S. sapped by its own domestic erosion of fundamental civility, economic decline, and implosion within its inner cities. Your financial systems are in chaos, characterized by greed, rampant looting and plundering in Wall Street. You are stuck in a quagmire in the Middle East which sees no end in sight. But for China, and its cheap imports, the U.S. economy will be in an even worse shape than it is today. As to Europe, who cares? Sarkozy and Merkel presides over two countries and economies which we Chinese really don't care much about, especially among the growing ethnic Chinese overseas Diaspora not just in Asia-Pacific, but now spreading onto Latin America and Africa. Big deal. The Europeans and Americans can boycott the Beijing Olympics come August, 2008. My family and I will proudly attend and participate in the Olympics "coming out" party in Beijing, willingly, with pride, and with our pocketbooks. In the meantime, let my white liberal/regressive neo-fascist San Franciscans wallow in their own perverted, constricted, narrow-minded little world. The world has passed San Francisco by. As a matter of fact, we ethnic Chinese in San Francisco are mobilizing and hoping that we can secede from white San Francisco. Why not ? Since it appears that you white Americans are so hyped up over "Shangri-La" Tibet as an Independent State, and support secession as a universalist right. Why now allow us Chinese in San Francisco to secede and form our own city, with our own governance. After all, we constitute 1/3 of your damn white supremacist city where the power is reposed in white people, and our city hall is controlled by white people. Free San Francisco. A free San Francisco East. Free Quebec. Free Louisiana. Free Hawaii. Free El Norte Aztlan, and return America's Southwest, a hugh swath of Texas, California back to Mexico. Didn't the U.S. illegally seize what used to be Mexican land and territority. As an ethnic Chinese in the overseas Diaspora, I and others will mobilize and we will fight back, as we mobilized in response to all the anti-Chinese pogroms in our overseas Diasporic experience. - Posted by Edward Liu


Anonymous said...

I rember Matilah had a different interpretation abt the tibetan situation according to certain historic timeline, i feel this link gives a more accurate picture abt tibet's history...

Anonymous said...

If he can get enough support, I don't see why not. Question is therefore, is he another No Action Talk Only, or is he really going to get his hands dirty and start the ball rolling ?

redbean said...

it is just a venting of frustration. but at least he did send his letter to new york times.

the chinese diaspora, especially the new chinese coming out of china, is getting more confident and more organised. their presence to counter the tibetan protests is growing.

imagine, between india and china combined, they populated half of the world.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese within China itself are getting more patriotic. Now, that is a good sign that their leaders are not unreasonable goons and thugs as the West made them out to be. On the point about the opium war and now the drug addition lifestyle of the West, that is Karma.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Secession is a wonderful idea, if the present State is trampling all over the rights of people, and pissing them off.

In Australia (WA, my home state), there's an example of successful secession... in WA there is Hutt River Principality. Prince Leonard (a wheat farmer) used commonwealth law to secede from the draconian Aust state who was interfering with their free trade in wheat.

The Western Australian Secession Movement has been going for decades. since WA produces a disproportionate chunk of Aust's wealth, many WA residents are fed up with the federal taxes the Aust Fed Govt STEALS from us, and gives us back fuck all.

My response to Mr Liu: Go for it!

redbean said...

to challenge the dominant power, to challenge the conventional wisdom, these are things that seem so impossible before.

today everything is open to challenge. the wind of change is blowing.