What we need is respect for the citizens

We need to respect our humble citizens. We need to respect their rights as individuals, their pride, their rights to be masters of their own money. We cannot keep telling our citizens that they are inept, irresponsible, cannot be trusted to look after themselves and their money, dictate to them how to live their lives, how much money to take from them, how to spend their money, when they can get back their money. We cannot tell them that for their standard and quality of life, they should be contented with being squeezed like sardines in trains and buses. We cannot tell them elementary logics that even Ah Long can think of. We cannot keep treating them like mindless and unthinking masses and on the other hand telling them that they are products of world class education system.


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redbean said...

pai seh : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Respect is earned. If the citizens don't respect themselves nor one another, rest assured the govt will continue to shit all over the population and ram through any "policy" it fancies.

redbean said...

there is this strange phenomenon in a democracy. any arse hole from the street if elected to parliament will think that he is now god and is good enough to tell the people what is good for them.

the stark reality in a democracy is that any dude can become a nobody tomorrow if he is booted out of parliament and may face the wrath of the people he spat at.

but even this reality does not deter those that are deluded from behaving the way they did, to be more human.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Any arsehole off the street can be voted in, but who votes him in? The "true believers" of his bullshit, that's who.

You can't cheat an honest man. Essentially, the sheeple vote in the person who will ultimately be blamed for failure, or credited for "success". In that way, the individual sheeple is "shielded" from responsibility. For those with NO BALLS for personal responsibility, democracy is a god-send. The sheeple can vote in ANYTHING they desire - free money, free housing, free blow jobs.

How do you corrupt a human being? You give him ABSOLUTE POWER.

In democracy, a human is voted in, and given ABSOLUTE POWER.

I have always maintained that the sheeple are fucking stupid, and deserve the hammering they get from any tyrant they vote into power.