We are not short of talents

How can we be short of talents when we can easily create more? Ah Meng could be a great talent if we pay her more than peanuts and bananas. As such, Ah Meng would probably be remembered as a peanut and banana talent. Imagine if Ah Meng is paid $1m! He will instantly be a million dollar talent. Creating talent in paradise is so easier. Just pour money onto the person.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore is a melting pot of immigration. As long as the govt keeps an "open borders" policy (one policy I do agree with) S'pore's gene pool will continue to be enriched.

You need nature and nuture for talent to flourish. Money is simply a resource to AID the development of talent. It is not the "only thing" necessary.

America managed to develop the best talent in the world because of the "American Spirit" and the "American Dream", concisely put: the belief that you can be anything you desire by having the freedom to develop yourself and your potential to whatever level you desire. And added to that the general acceptance of that belief by the citizens (and immigrants).