The upper crust

Both SICC and SIA were in the news, two law suits involving the cream of our society, the privilege class. It was interesting to read the petty details of the cases, especially when the masses always look at this distinguished class of people from a distance with great admiration and envy. Face it, money is just a facade to give some signs of impeccability and dignity. Beneath that, human beans are human beans and they all eat and shit just like everyone else. What astonished me is to read this statement in the paper, 'All we did was to capitalise on it.' Capitalise on people's private life, little silly mistakes or indiscretion, blowing up in the msm, seems a normal game in paradise. If this kind of things becomes an acceptable norm of social behaviour, we can forget about gracefulness. We are just as good as anyone in any little corners of the world. We are just petty human beans in disguise. Let's not breathe a word about being ethical and on moral high grounds. In paradise, things are more precarious as everyone seems to know everyone or hear something from everyone. And if everyone is going to capitalise on such information, we will have a very exciting and colourful society.


Anonymous said...

I can't locate the relevant news articles online. Mind helping?

matilah_singapura said...

The chattering classes will always hunger for "petty" details. Humans may behave in petty ways, but that doesn't mean anyone else has to make a "big deal" out of it.

Petty things please petty minds. The msm relishes the fact that gossip-losers (low-life) of society need the mystery and romanticism of the rich and famous to bring some "meaning" into their boring lives.

Have you seen the melodrama on TV? How come those programs are so popular? Because most people have surrendered to mediocrity, that's why.

BTW, these are the same people who vote. These losers could be rich too, if they speant their time striving to improve their economic conditions rather than oooing and ahhing over dead-shit unsophisticated, ill-bred, vulgar rich people.

redbean said...

the details were in the main paper last week. should be in the st online or in channel news asia.

maybe some of the evening papers may provide more details.

nice stories for those who are interested.

what i am concerned is how information were used to destroy people so casually as a national psyche.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The "national psyche" ought to be destroyed, preferably by a thermonuclear weapon :)