Two pet projects

The two hottest pet projects today, no guessing, must be Mean Testing and Longevity Insurance. I do not know how they came about or who were the great thinkers behind them, they sure come across as two pet projects that must die die be implemented at all cost. And despite the obvious, that both are no gos, the tenacity and furiousity to get them accepted are unbelieveable. With so much effort and resources put into them, no matter, an inadequate idea is still an inadequate idea. Yes I am harping, I am belabouring my point. Take mean testing for instance. What does it hope to achieve? Peanuts. And what are the costs? Financial, manpower and political costs are high, very high. Worst, it is all about a little principle that people are whinning about? We need bigger hearts to overlook the little idiosyncracies of man, of those who choose to live frugally and save every cent they can. These are not sinful or criminal ways and need not be hit so hard with the full machinery of a state. Then the longevity scheme. It is a good scheme like any insurance scheme. But how useful is it? How many will need it that the whole population will now have to bear the cost of someone's pet idea? Which god is so sure that 50% of the people will live past 85 years? And how many of these will need monetary help? You mean all these people who live till these ages could not think for themselves to make some kinds of provision for their old age? The joke is that many of those who can afford to live past that age are people who can afford to live on and on, even hooking on to expensive machines. Those who cannot are happier to let nature takes its course. There is no reason to prolong life in misery when the people cannot afford to even feed or house themselves. Once we accept that everyone must die, the natural way, let it be and the problem will solve itself. There is very little need to have longevity insurance. But for those who want it and can afford it, by all means. The little remnants that survive to those ages and could not feed themselves do not cost a bomb to the govt unless the govt wants to treat them like little Suhartos, hooked to machines and attended by an army of medical professionals. The scheme is but a red herring at best. LKY has publicly said that the 6.5m population, another pet idea, may not be what he is comfortable with. I am sure the planners will be scrambling for cover now. Do we need LKY to raise some doubts about these two pet projects before they are abandoned? Maybe it is too late. The rice isw almost cooked. Maybe LKY also agrees to it.

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