Time to bring back the discards

With life expectancy going to 100 and with good medical care, it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that healthy Singaporeans can work till past 80, and still doing very well. The old practice of retiring people at 55 and the discards because of that policy should be looked at and those still in good health and able, should be brought back to the main stream of economic life. We are wasting a lot of talents and experience that these senior professionals have accummulated throughout their lives. Sad to see them ended up as taxi drivers and foodcourt cleaners or wasting their time in clubs drinking and merry making aimlessly. They have another 10 to 20 years of productive life to live.


Anonymous said...

The brutal truth is that when younger professionals between 35 and 45 years of age cannot find a decent job, how do we fit in those above 55 years old into professional jobs. Some things got to give and we are sacrificing the older professionals for the sake of giving jobs to younger Singaporeans and so-called foreign talents. Yes, they said jobs are plentiful, but what kind of jobs are they talking about. Sad.

redbean said...

got job be happy. don't forget got to live till 100 years. better start working.