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Smelling problems

One of the fine secrets of our success is smelling for problems or predicting problems. In management term it is called proactive. Every time when a problem is found and anticipated, you can smell money. We are being proactive in the ageing problems. Ha, money everywhere. We are anticipating water shortage and higher prices, more to collect money! We are planning to reduce jams on our roads, more money again. Increase our population, even more money. Lack of talent in govt, more money also. Medical care, housing shortage, ahhh, money akan datang. Every problem is actually a happy problem as more money will be in play.


Anonymous said...

We certainly don't call them the 'Pay and Pay' party for nothing. Yes, you pay and they collect. You have problems with anything you just have to pay them more and more. Actually the way they are solving these problems doesn't need a million dollar brain to figure out.

barb michelen said...

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redbean said...

oh the latest. give them a good impactful suggestion and they will pay you $1000!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually, we needn't worry. The is extremely proactive and woderful at solving problems by the use of force - at the extreme level no management in private enterprise can match.

Chewing gum a problem? Ban it. People broke at 85? Force them to pay during their productive years, lock up their money. Opposition making too much noise? Jail the motherfucker. Sue him if he still "kwai lan".

Foreign press ruining the good name of the leaders? Sue them, ban their publication. Drug peddling? Convict and execute a few small-time "mules". Dirty, ill-bred inconsiderate arseholes won't flush toilets? Install automatic flush system. High-brow Singaporeans won't do menial jobs? Employ cheap-ass foreign labour, and force down local wages.

...the list goes on. All this (and more) is accomplished by the use of absolute, no-nonsense, shut-the-fuck-up-and obey, use of FORCE. Backed up in most cases by LAW.

When you have the absolute use of FORCE, you don't need foresight. If only privateers had this kind of POWER....

redbean said...

the insurance companies could easily come out with a rider or some permutation to their insurance policies to cater for the belief that 50% of people will live past 85 years.

but they can't offer an alternative package because the one being offered is compulsory.