The queer things we do

We buy cars but not to use them, only to park in the car parks. We build roads but limit cars using it. We build expressways but do not allow cars to travel faster. Then we complain that the expressways are too slow. We save money but cannot touch or use them. We raise taxes and said it is to help the people. We pay very high salaries and claim that it will prevent corruption. We boast about our world class education system but claim that we have no talents, or need foreign talents to help them. We claim that we have a lot of talents, just pay them if you want them, but not enough to form two political parties. We keep raising prices and claim that we can't do anything about high cost of living. We legislate laws to make the people save money but insist that they must spend them in expensive hospital bills and buying lifelong insurance. We insist on people saving for to live to 100 years when 50% or more will die before 65. We continue to whine and whine about the govt but keep on electing the same govt.


Sluggy said...

For the last point, I did not even get a change to vote in the last election.
My girlfriend stays in Tanjong Pagar, and she's 29, and never voted in her life. So what does that tell you?

66.6% my ass.

redbean said...

hi sluggy,

welcome to the blog.

the govt has done a lot of good and also things we don't agree. there are things that affect us directly and it is only normal that we feel sore about them.

the sad thing is that we can't do anything about them. the only thing we can do is to whine and gripe. whether it helps or not, it is our only outlet to say we are unhappy about them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Well redbean, all the "we-weeing" you did in your post is pure government FIAT - i.e. govt policy, edict etc.

> the govt has done a lot of good <

Don't just make fatuous claims without substantiation lah.

WHAT is/are these goods that govt has "done"? And if so (which I doubt), couldn't the market provide better quality or "bang for buck".

C'mon redbean, the challenge is there what "good" has the govt "done"?

redbean said...

just compare to what we have and what our neighbours are having. if i will to write them down, all the books in the world will not be enough.

another person may do better or worst. it is hypothetical. but i don't like what i am seeing now and the future.