Possibility of satellite technology

While so much effort and resources have been invested in satellite technology to track cars on the road, car speed and cars going through ERP gantry points or causing jams, now there is a better use of such leading edge technology. Instead of wasting such resources to become more efficient in collecting tolls, I would suggest that we use it to tag prisoners. Then we can keep track of their every movement. We would definitely know if they are in the toilet if they said they are going to the toilet. And if they escape, if will be a piece of cake to track them down. Satellite technology must have some better use than tracking cars on the road.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Send the rest to Guantanamo Bay. S'pore is dumb enough to keep terror suspects on local soil.

At least Cheney and Rumsfeld were smart: put the prisoners off shore. This means unfamiliar territory, and areas where there is less likelihood of having "local" contacts to aid escape.

The most effective way to tag anyone is to use a chip-implant (RFID). Implant in the person's genitals. By doing so you deter them from wanting to dig out the implant.

P.S. I really can't believe this prisoner—a chap who at one time had a "pursuit" to fly a jetliner into Changi—wasn't TAGGED.

Bad, fucking show, Singapore. Boo.

Anonymous said...

chips embedded in latest passports .. handphone signals.. etc.. all these are great tools

redbean said...

nothing beats the sign of the beast embedded on the forehead. it goes everywhere one goes. cannot be discarded.

or as matilah suggested.