Open your hearts to foreigners

This statement alone is flawed and misleading. It is a misconception that Singaporeans are hostile to foreigners. Nay, all foreigners are welcomed here. There may be a few personal and individual incidents of unhappiness or irritations, but on the whole we do not exhibit xenophobic behaviour to our guests. Most fit in very well. Some even go around beating up Singaporeans and insulting them for being stupid. And the Singaporeans take in with a big smile. Some even offer the other cheek. Last year alone we have 63,600 PRs and 17,300 new citizens, nearly 81,000. Our birth rate probably produces 35,000 to 40,000 newborns. With such a huge influx into a small pool of 3 million citizens annually, and to get away with it is a near miracle. But how long can it last? How long can relations and peaceful co existence be maintained? How long can the economy continue to grow to absorb all the people? Shall we stop at 5.5m or 6.5m or 10m? Whatever number, the number game must come to a stop. I still find it very dangerous to think that our lifestyle and environment will not be affected if we keep on stuffing more people here. We will soon be like goldfishes gulping for air on the surface of an aquariam. We should stop this foolish thought that we can go on and on with the help of creativity and technology. Just the roads and transportation will kill us. We are entering a stage when people will not leave their little flats as it is very costly. Driving a car to town, petrol, parking and ERPs will easily add up to $30 or $50. For those taking trains and MRT, a return trip is $3 to $5. Hey, these are money that not everyone can spare. And all the little frills of green lungs and space for a little escape from the rat race will be gone. We may have no place to train our NS men or camps for them to stay. Yes we can keep building higher and higher. We can build more and more roads and MRTs. For what? For who? For what kind of life and what quality of life? At what cost?


Anonymous said...

And so the die is cast. There is no turning back. The floodgates will not be closed. Singaporeans are expected to cop it so why take this shit lying down ? Why suffer the ignominy of putting your and your sons lives on the line protecting fucking foreigners. No sirree. Why remain and become second rate citizens in your own country ? There really is nothing left to cling to. This country is now a fucking corporation. So, in a corporation, just as the boss can sack you, you too have the right to sack your boss. Which path will Singaporeans take ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Giving credit where credit's due: I applaud the policy makers for keeping an open-border policy allowing the free influx of humans, and making it easy for them to stay and take root if they so choose voluntarily. Singapore is definitely a more vibrant place because of the enormous amount of foreigners — many of whom rock harder than your average world-weary boring-as-cat-shit Singaporean.

Having the odd slap-up fight, or locals having feelings of being "invaded" are to be expected. You can't get rid of stupidity in the universe, and you don't need to be Buddha to understand this.

Many of the locals scared by the hoards of foreigners are forgetting one thing: everyone in S'pore is from immigrant stock.

The govt should leave the market alone. No one can predict what the "optimum" level is for population. I t might get to be "overcrowded", but then human behaviour adjusts, "corrections" occur - e.g. some people will move away, housing density will increase by building even higher, or underground etc.

By spending time worrying about the future, which NO ONE can predict with certainty let alone accuracy, you strain your brain for no valuable reason by removing it from The Present—where all the fun and value is really created.

I notice that the number of kids from mixed-unions are increasing. It is wonderful to KNOW that people of different races are FUCKING each other. Mixing up the gene pool produces "tougher" genes. These new "Pan-Asian" or "Eur-asian" kids —many who have wildly exotic looks—are the new faces of Singapore.

redbean said...

sure the eurasian kids are handsome and beautiful. edison chen is a great and beautiful specimen.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Is he the guy who gangsters want to kill or something because he banged someone's wife, and the pics made it to the net?

We didn't get the juicy news here in Oz.

redbean said...

use your head man. search or google and you get everything there. as good as porn.