Oil price hitting US$100 a barrel

Looks like the future of oil prices is only up and will be above US$100, maybe US$200 or more. We need to prepare our people for high oil prices and get use to paying for them at high prices. More importantly we must educate our people to cut down and save on wasting power and electricity, like going green. The situation of oil prices is like water. Oil is precious like water. We must do what we did for water. We have taken many measures to save water and educate the people from wasting water. I find all those measures very effective and should be adopted in the same way. To prevent people from wasting electricity unnecessarily, to teach them to switch off lights when not needed, we need to double the price of electricity. And we can include an electricity surcharge tax of 30% just like we tax for over usage of water. These measures will guarantee to be effective as it hurts the people where it hurts most, the pocket. People will then be more careful in the use of electricity and will not anyhow waste them. The other go green measures can come in. Don't get me wrong, raising electricity rates is only one of many measures to save on fuel cost. Now I am getting green conscious. I am going to save the world. I might even be awarded with a Save Mother Earth Medal like Al Gore.


Matilah_Singapura said...

USD200 a barrel is not impossible.

Are people cutting back? Heck no. Air travel is up, cars are still selling—especially big cars, aircons are still going and the lights burn brightly at night.

Fuck Al Gore. He's full of shit.

agong said...

Why f**k Al Gore?

You should f**k the masses that won't change their ways until the day the sea water rushes into their homes or when there is a worldwide famine due to a long drought.

redbean said...

ya, why f al gore? he is trying to do something good.

the people that needs to be f are the americans and their huge cars and drinking away all the valuable oil. and they are telling the chinese not to become developed to pollute the world, and cannot drive cars.

Jimi Lim said...

even if the oil price hit record high it time the government allow motorist to go for water fuel energy vehicle it has proven and ppl in various country are using it , time we go for it, it true and i am going to introduce some accessories that is so easy to install and safe for all motorist, just laugh at the rising oil prices

Matilah_Singapura said...

jimi lim bullshitted:

> water fuel energy vehicle it has proven and ppl in various country are using it <

Balls. Where? You're talking nonsense.

> just laugh at the rising oil prices <

Don't be silly. The oil companies will sent hit men to kill you. They'll kidnap your children and sell them to the Vatican to be buggered by Catholics.