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NUS Law fees up 20%

I nearly missed out on this. 20% hike for NUS Law students. But that is fair given the amount of money they can make on graduation. After all all the parents interviewed believed in quality and don't mind paying for them. So with the message that the higher the fees, the better the quality, I think all the parents would soon be demanding that the fees be raised higher. Then they can go around telling people how much they paid for quality education.


Anonymous said...

Your logic is flawed. All parents of law students interviewed =/= all parents of all law students. The parents of law students not interviewed may not necessarily agree with the views of those interviewed. These parents definitely will not be demanding for higher fees.

redbean said...

bravo, glad you spotted it. such conclusion has been appearing in the media lately, without any basis.

that is why i deliberately used the word 'all'. people must be careful in such sweeping comments.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo called on businesses not to increase prices and spare a thought for the poor. Is George Yeo's call credible when the Government is doing just the opposite, increasing charges without a thought for those who cannot afford? Maybe they will come out to say that increasing the fees is to help the students!

redbean said...

think he is right in both counts. tertiary education are privatised. not govt institutions.

and the fee increase is to help students in a way by increasing value of their degrees.

Anonymous said...

Anon above, the PAP politicians operate on a different set of rules from the ones they subject their sheple to. You mean you don't know this ? Unless you are a foreigner who has only recently arrived in Singapore, this should not be news to you.

Anonymous said...

"and the fee increase is to help students in a way by increasing value of their degrees"

Another flaw there. Increasing the cost of a commodity by no means results in an increases in its value. If NUS increase its fees two fold but employ substandard lecturers, all its graduates are going to end up with is a very expensive piece of toilet paper. Price =/= value. I think it was Warren Buffett who said price is what you pay, value is what you get.

redbean said...

that's right. paying for the best lecturers or the best facilities, if the students are average, the students will still turn out average, despite the high fees.

and the quality of a lecturer is not necessarily the same as the pay he gets. an american lecturer may be paid 20 times more than an indian or chinese lecturers in their local top universities, but he may not be 20 times better. can even be worst.

Anonymous said...

people must be careful in such sweeping comments.

"singaporeans are not afraid of competition from foreign talents.." was a sweeping statement made that puts words into your mouth wther you like it anot.