Notable quotes - Lionel De Souza

'The relevant authorities should take the necessary action to criminalise anti competitive practices before they become prevalent.' Lionel De Souza. Before they become prevalent? I support Lionel's call, but wake up, it is prevalent and blatantly practised in many industries by supposely professional and respectable top management staff. They are rightfully called criminals and need to be punished for not only the crime but immoral and unethical practices. It is a poor reflection of the high moral standards that these individuals eschewed and blared out loudly in public speeches. It is hypocrisy in the highest level of corporate management.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Lionel is a typical asshole socialist, never missing a chance to give the govt a blowjob.

Here's the likely scenario of govt regulation of the economy, specifically the "control" of "anti-competitive" practices.

Scenario A
Entrepreneur: "I sell my goods the same price as everyone else"

Govt: You are hereby charged with collusion and cartelization

Scenario B
Entrepreneur: "I sell my goods cheaper than everyone else"

Govt: You are hereby charged with price-cutting, unfair trade practices and possibly dumping

Scenario C
Entrepreneur: "I sell my goods at a premium above everyone else because of added value and higher quality.

Govt: You are hereby charged with profiteering and predatory pricing.

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