Natural selector in govt hospitals

I was rather amused by what Salma Khalik wrote about natural selector in govt hospitals. And I was also not too amused by the kind of thinking behind the concept. What Salma said is that C wards were deliberately designed to make it uncomfortable or inconvenient, eg locating the toilets outside the wards, so that those who do not want to live with the condition will have to opt for better wards, and pay more. Really we have decision makers thinking this way? Like dat also got ah? Salma's recommendation is that hospitals should provide the necessary, some improvement will be appreciated without being extravagant, to subsidised wards. These hardup people know that they cannot demand for luxury or extraordinary creature comfort. But to make things difficult deliberately...hmmmm, what shall I say? Better don't say anything. Can we provide these subsidised wards with a decent environment without the intent to make them uncomfortable? Hopefully we have matured, more graceful, and not being small minded like our predecessors.


Anonymous said...

Can Singapore ever become a more gracious society with such mindsets in our thinking? Hmmm, now I understand the logice behind the treatment of the voters in the opposition wards by making things difficult deliberately. Big man with small minds.

redbean said...

no lah, the narrow minded people were people from the past.

today we are more gracious and talented. they won't repeat the same thinking of small minded people. and people tend to be more generous and compassionate when they are rich and comfortable.

that's the reason why they are working so hard to make life better for the people. everything is now so affordable.

redbean said...

ok, i mean affordable to me. i am speaking for myself: )