Lasik surgery getting cheaper

This piece of news sounds odd. Very odd indeed when it was accompanied by news that Lasik surgery will now be done using an improved and expensive equipment with enhanced technology. The result is higher accuracy and safer, and of all things, cheaper. Can this be true? How could better medical services be cheaper? This is against the conventional wisdom of paradise land. In paradise, everything, or anything that is better must be paid with more money. The delivery of a child in a hospital, private or govt owned private hospitals, now cost thousands of dollars. Has the delivery of a baby been different today than those done yesterday? Why is delivery of a baby costing so much? Several of my siblings were delivered by mother, free of charge. She did it herself. Are the women of today constructed differently? Or are the women of paradise built different that delivering a baby is now high technology and requires modern science to assist? The way a child is delivered today, other than a complicate case, cannot be different from a child delivered a few hundred years ago. A midwife could do it, a mother could do it. It is a natural process, a motherly instinct. That's how the human race populated itself. The additional cost today is contributed by all the comfort and fineries, all the pampering and the assurance of professional help. Minus all these, delivering a child can be made very much cheaper. The increasing cost must be a choice by those who want to splurge on them. For the ordinary soul who just want to deliver a child the old way should not have to pay a bomb to do it.


Anonymous said...

Let's pray that many years down the road they are not going to say that there are serious side-effects after those who pioneered and those who performed lasik surgery have all made their money and new technologies come into the picture. Many of these things, for example silicon breast implants and now botox have been pronounced safe initially but once those involved have made their pile, then they will reveal all the shortcomings. Trust them to continue to do the same for the sake of making money.

Matilah_Singapura said...

When markets are allowed to be FREE (from interference) then the cost of goods to the consumer tends to FALL, or more "value" (bang for the buck) is offered to the consumer.

Also markets are demand driven. The more people want something, the more likely it is that the "thing" they want becomes more common-place and cheaper over time.