Jam packed MRT

Whichever idiot ever suggests that it is a good idea, a bearable idea, to be jam packed inside a MRT train should first be put through the process and experience what it is like to be sandwiched between two smelly commuters. If he can stand the smell for 3 minutes, he is qualified as a super pig. For only pigs will be accustomed to such smell from a pig sty. Who is lauding the great Tokyo squeeze as something that we must get use to? What kind of world class standard is that?


Anonymous said...

"For only pigs will be accustomed to such smell from a pig sty."

It takes one to know one. Hence, you must be one.

redbean said...

FUCK YOU, doggy.

my apologies to other bloggers. but this dog deserves to be fucked.

redbean said...

i think your parents will be prouder of you if you become a taxi driver. at least you are your own boss and no need to serve a master against your conscience.

Anonymous said...

anony may sound blunt, but his reasoning is not exactly flawed; regardless of your likes or tastes, you should smell armpits and if you are seated, assholes as well when demand on our train services exceeds supply in future.. that's logic and nothing personal. and you must be an idiot for not knowing the difference.

redbean said...

i think we are all adults and the last thing we want to do is to attack anyone personally. it only shows a lack of proper upbringing.

we can disagree till the cow comes home. no sweat. we are all different and don't see things from the same perspective. but when you open your mouth and start attacking another person directly, whom you don't even know, it shows how shallow the person is, i feel very sorry for such people. they have not life and no pride.

if i were his father, i will disown him.

incapable of reasoning and discussion. what hope is there in such an individual?

redbean said...

i will respect him if he attacks my position with sound arguments. but this idiot with only secondary education, is incapable of reasoning.

what to do when dealing with a below average kid?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Well, that is the problem: it is easy to suggest ridiculous "solutions" if one does not use the MRT.

Smelling people's BO is one thing. Overcrowding anywhere poses health hazards from being crushed, to being infected.

Consider the following scenarios: What would happen if and elderly person fell down in the crowds, or someone had a seizure, stroke or heart attack? How about a carrier of SARS or bird flu on a over-crowded train?


> the last thing we want to do is to attack anyone personally. <

It depends on the context: if the "attack" is defending yourself or your position, then it is justifiable. Anyway, this is an online world where everything is an opinion — there are no "rules", not even "guidelines" which one needs obey, even if you are told that there are rules and guidelines.

> it only shows a lack of proper upbringing. <

On the contrary—a truly great parent will teach his children how to defend themselves and their ideas—and win—if the situation required "extreme" measures.

Anonymous said...


I have been watching you for a while. It is very obvious that you have been planted here just to attack Redbean. You are the first person that he had scolded and on the eve of the CNY.

What you are doing is simply very poor taste. Go and get a life of your own and leave the people here alone.

If Reddy were to scold you on the first day of the CNY, you would be cursed for the whole year.

Please, take my advice and piss off. And have a happy new year.

Anonymous said...

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Matilah_Singapura said...

anon asshole 1009:

>> you would be cursed for the whole year.

Unlike you, I'm not a slave to superstition.

Have a terrible year, asshole :-))