It would be more palatable

If only public policies were made not with the people's saving but with public funds from taxes or revenue. It would be better if the urge to provide world class services comes with a public announcement that it will cost so much from the users' pockets. It would be better to provide world class services but at the same time offer those who cannot afford it an alternative service to pay for a cheaper service, and without mean testing of course.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Funds taken form the workers are a TAX. Why? Because the workers no longer control "their" money. Therefore, despite the kicking and screaming, the govt can and will use that money for its own self aggrandizement. You can BET on it. It is already SUNKEN money.

The best public policy in most cases is NO public policy. Policy is "BEST" when it is private and voluntarily agreed upon by voluntarily participating individuals. and this is the "cheapest" solution of all—because those who don't want any part of the "policy" needn't pay for it.