Charity in Paradise

For a small little island we have thousands of charitable organisations, all thriving and collecting millions and millions of dollars annually from the generous and kind populace. But this is not all. The govt gives out $1.8b of handouts this year, and has been doing it for many years. We are indeed a very generous country with many generous donors, many people in need of charity, and many people enjoying running charitable organisations. Soon setting up charitable organisations, running and managing them, collecting donations and receiving donations will be a way of life in paradise. And this is only natural. Paradise is where all the good people with good hearts are found. Paradise is synonymous with charity.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Charity begins at home, and if possible, should remain there.

The state and its direct control of charity organisations is a farce. Ongoing scandals like the N*F are par for the course—to be expected.

Look after yourself, and two other people. Do the math. If this was a permanent fixture in human culture (sadly it is not), there'll be no need for govt welfare or govt controlled private welfare, and in time we can dispense with govts altogether.