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Cash prizes to improve govt efficiency

'Give the Govt an innovative, impactful idea to cut red tape for businesses and win $1000.' This is a new drive by the Pro Enterprise Panel(PEP), an agency to help cut unnecessary bureaucracy in regulations, to create a more pro business environment. My first suggestion, and I want to claim my $1000 prize, is to remove this agency and this award. You do not need an award like this to solicit suggestions from the ignorant and no talent public to improve govt efficiency. If the public can do that, then they should be running the govt agencies. And we are having the top talents, paying top salaries running these agencies. Why are they incapable of looking into the problem, cutting red tapes and improve their proceduces and efficiency? Who create the red tapes and inefficiency? What is happening? Million dollar talents asking the peasants to teach them to suck eggs? Let me rethink over the issue again. We pay top talents millions of dollars, in turn they are asking the no talents to teach them how to improve and willing to pay the no talents a miserable $1000 for it....


Matilah_Singapura said...

What a joke... but, I can tell you, some of the Sheeple will fall for it and submit their "brilliant ideas" for the $1000 bounty.

Since they, the govt, are so bereft of ideas, the smart way would be to offer one's services as a "consultant" asnd charge the multi-billion dollar S'pore govt $1000 per hour as a hired gun.

$1000 per hour is still chicken feed. That is probably the revenue from one ERP gantry in 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

The Government is asking peasants to give them ideas on how to get themselves (peasants) screwed further. What a joke indeed!

redbean said...

no it is not a joke. this is real stuff. just like 50% of people will live past 85 years. god believes it is so and said so.

even suharto can only live till 85 with all the good food and good doctors.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aussie PM Kevin Rudd just announced a similar plan for 1000 "ordinary people" to go to parliament in Canberra to share their ideas.

But no money is being given out here. People will have to pay their own way to the 'summit'.

Anonymous said...

things are NOT always what they seem...! this is just a ploy to say they are listening to the sheeple; they, the elitos, are doing their bidding.