A case for selective comparison

Many Singaporeans have taken issue with the length of NS that our young men have to serve and lost 2 years of their precious youth. Some are suggesting that the 2 years are still too long and can be shortened. I am not going to agree or disagree with that kind of thought. Ok, let's adopt our favourite past time and practice and do some selective comparisons. I think Taiwan and South Korea both have nationals service and the duration is about one and a half to two years. Israel probably the same or more. How about about nearest neighbour, Malaysia? They can do their national service in 3 months or 6 months. And only a few are selected to do NS. Maybe we can have something in between. Something in between is also a good thing.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Conscription, NS or whatever it is called is simply slavery. Pure and simple. No amount of "rationalisation" can change this fact.

Parents who really care about their (male) children would do whatever it takes (including breaking the law) to get their sons out of NS.

I support EVERY parent and child who pro-actively avoids NS--they display that they "get it" in that they understand that they own their lives, not The State and therefore have a NATURAL RIGHT to defend their lives from incusions of any nature, and decribe for themselves HOW they should live and WHY.

To those who "dodge" NS: never let anyone make you feel "guilty". Fuck them. You own your own life. Tell the government, and the minister in charge to FUCK OFF and leave you alone!

Anonymous said...

2 years is nothing compare to the harassment for the next 20 or 30 years as NSmen.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yet another reason to give up the citizenship, and return if required, as an expatriate.

When The State enslaves, it does so for life.

I am not against fighting, even dying, for one's country. But that decision MUST BE a voluntary, individual decision based on personal reasons.

redbean said...

it hurts when people keep talking about being paid for what he is worth and we have NS, preparing to die for the country for less than a sesame seed.

Matilah_Singapura said...

When you are "paid what you are worth", the relationship or association is VOLUNTARY.

When you are forced against your will—i.e. essentially a slave—then there is no obligation to pay you ANYTHING.