Bee tang ah! Huat ah!

Gabriel Chen wrote in the ST about this guy whose net worth is about $6m and after some computation found that he has an angpow of $200k! Wow, what about those with $20m or $200m net worth? Huat ah, huat ah : ) Thanks to the Good Year Ang Pow Budget. And Singaporeans still complaining not enough?


Anonymous said...

Those high networth people who have spoken volumes abt their concern for the plight of the poor.. their chance to do good.

agong said...

Don't think can blame the Government on this one.

Say every man on the street gets to save 1% from the Budget. Naturally the rich's 1% would translate to a bigger value compared to the poor's 1%.

Being successful and rich (through one's hard work or otherwise) should not be a crime that deserves punishment.

redbean said...

private or personal wealth are private and it is their right to do as they please. if they work for it, they deserve it.

public money or national wealth rightly belongs to everyone. the distribution of such wealth must be equitable or seen to be equitable, and errs to favour the less well off, not the better off.