What if?

The Americans and the West are furious that the Myanmese military junta beat up the peaceful protestors, used tear gas and bullets on them. And they are calling for a regime change, saying that the junta is unfit to run the country. Now what if Chee Soon Juan is able to gather a couple of hundreds of people in a public and peaceful protest and forces the police to use the baton and other means of physical force? Would the Americans and the West also call for a regime change? It would be tricky.


Matilah_Singapura said...

No, because in S'pore, as much as people yell and scream (kpkb), there are basic rights, and above all (a good degree of) PROPERTY RIGHTS are firmly upheld, thankfully the courts—imperfect as they are, they do a good job.

CSJ has no case against S'pore. Not one shred.

Sorry DR Chee, you are a nice guy, though.

redbean said...

hey, what are you talking about? i must talking about police/military violence against peaceful protestors.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, but according to the cops, they, the protesters are a "public nuisance".

If you have one legal system, then you're only going to get one "official" legal opinion.

As I said before, S'pore has a fair degree of the upholding of private property rights. BUT as a state with a MONOPOLY ON LAWS, the state defines WHAT your property rights ARE.

There is no state in the world where there are 100% individual private property rights, immutable and rigidly enforced by rule of law.

The only way to get 100% individual private property rights in any given territory is to GET RID OF THE STATE completely.

... and as much as I wish that would happen, in at least ONE cuntry in the world... it is highly unlikely that it will.

The closest one can hope for is to be rich enough to own a private island.