What a great opportunity for reporting

The gay debate is proving to be a welcomed relief for the msm. For once they are reporting vigorously on practically every word spoken in Parliament, even verbatim. The subject really was given a good airing with every single view reported, and in style. And how many pages over how many days. And how many hours did Parliament devote for this hot topic? Any time limits to speak? But every Parliamentarians relished at the opportunity to speak from their hearts. Wish the CPF and the annuity and other bread and butter issues were given the same intense treatment.


Abao said...

Haha. Same thing i thought here. This is one of the few times the Straits Times does have a good report on local news.

Sadly, I dont think the other issues would have such coverage as section 377a gotten.

redbean said...

actually quite terok when there are so many good reporters with so many interesting views to write but have to write and then throw them into their own waste baskets.

Abao said...

Thats why those "condemned" articles should be blogged. With a blog, they can put up whatever articles they want to write.

redbean said...


i hope they are reading and post them here. their creative juice and freedom of expression must find an outlet.

we will surely welcome them.