Threats of high legal cost

Jonathan Lock is faced with another legal battle with his lawyer. And the most intimidating factor is the high legal cost. How many people will have the money to fight a legal battle in our courts? The first thing that will hurt is the big hole in the pocket. For those people who have no problem in paying for the huge legal fee, taking anyone to court seems to be a convenient practice as it is to their advantage. And most poor buggers will have to back off, even apologise and pay damages knowing that they are right. Is this how our justice system is going to be?


Anonymous said...

Yes. This is how the law works in Singapore.

Remember the NKF saga?

Matilah_Singapura said...

That is how the law works everywhere—stop witch hunting S'pore unless you have a really STRONG argument.

The LAW is a territorial monopoly and thus not subject to market competition.

Even though Lock may eventually "win" the court costs will whack him. Everytime you go into court, you pay.

When the state administers "justice", there is very little of it. Just as when the state administers healthcare or education or transport.

You still wanna vote?

redbean said...

i just read an article on a singaporean who owned a bungalow in batam. one day he revisited his bungalow and found it not there except wasteland.

he checked every govt department but no one knew what happened to his bungalow. then a lawyer told him that if he wanted answers, he would have to pay.

if you want justice, you have to buy your own justice. justice is not free and not cheap.

TuraiKiller said...

Justice are for those riches with power, the poor & middle are just a shit in their eye, look at NKF saga what do Durai punishment but someone got to be scapegoat (Mr Yong). This nation are full of power corrusion, the people holding power & riches are the king & queen in this small dot nation. The poor & middle reserve to slave under them so they are justice for them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

As long as there is no free market for conflict resolution, and the upholding of (property) rights, I agree 100% with Turai Killer— "justice" (so-called) is only for the rich and power and connected.

This hard-luck teacher has no justice—and he is entitled to it. His property got damaged, the other party CLEARLY at fault, and now our hapless chappie has had his life and his finances turned topsy-turvy.

I really feel for this guy. His property rights have been clearly violated, and The State is ultimately to blame for running such a FUCKED UP system (as all their systems are).