Super talents that are not

Our supertalents are at best good in names only. Or if not, the only skill they have is to hire consultants to do the job and thinking for them. But that surely does not require much talent. Most of the poorly educated Ah Beng bosses are doing the same thing, employing MBAs and PhDs to work for them. We are engaging consultants to study and find solutions to get out of the Brazil list of tax havens. And we know why we were in the list. Our tax bracket is below 18%. And the Brazilians need to include us there so that they can tax their own companies operating here and our companies operating in Brazil. The Brazilian Embassy said so. Do we really need to pay millions to consultants to study on this? Don't we have any local talents to do the same thinking?


Anonymous said...

We yellow trash needs the Ang Mo to teach us how to F..K, and not to forget, its budgeted, if u dun spend, u wun have it again.

Simple LOGIC at the top.

redbean said...

what you said made perfect sense.

what is sad is that if you put the qualifications of the consultants side by side with our supertalents, they pale in comparison. not many could come near to our supertalents in terms of paper qualifications.

maybe it is just a piece of paper.

Anonymous said...

it is definitely the case. A piece of paper to get a good start in a skew system.

it can be bought anyway, my son just completed his GEP round 2.

ONE of his friend actually bought model answers for 100+ dollars, another downloaded from the internet, and had a smooth test while my son struggled.

So, if u have the means, u can still get ahead, fair or unfair, who cares, just stupid guy like me who still did not want to exploit the system.

Matilah_Singapura said...

A government can spend money any which way it arbitrarily thinks. Misallocation of resources is inevitable when there is no competition and no ownership. The public servant who allocated resources doesn't need to be "right" to have a job tomorrow. In the private sector, YOU'RE FIRED, as Mr Trump would say.

The government spends, and the tax payers have the privilege of paying for EVERY MISTAKE the public sector makes.

No one in the private sector would pay millions to do a study, unless there was a REAL opportunity to make many more millions from the results of that study.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

everyone should take advantage of the system. give your child an edge if you can afford it.

in the case of gep, if the child is intelligent and up to mark, good. the problem comes when the child is not there but being spoon fed. he will not be able to catch up with the really talented one and will be under tremendous stress. it will hurt the child more as he struggles along.

anyway, spoon feeding and parental help can only go maybe to lower secondary level. after that, the child will have to depend on his own intellect to carry on.

good that your child can make it to round two on his own.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anonymous 1212

Adding to redbean:

You don't score any "brownie points" by not exploiting the system. If the system is already corrupt, it is not rational to still "play fair".

Of course if you want to remain pristine, then disassociate from the corrupt system. But you can't as far as your kids education is concerned because govt FORCE., doesn't offer you any CHOICE—unless you emigrate.

Ergo, exploit the system any which way you can.