So embarrassing and so disgraceful

Why is the library book loan issue such a big issue? It is only a few cents owed. It is embarrassing and disgraceful not because NLB is chasing for the money. It is embarrassing and disgraceful when people owed money in terms of a few cents or a few dollars. For goodness sake, if anyone wants to chalk out any debt, make sure it is big. A few cents is really unbecoming, just like kpkb for a few cents increase in transport fare. What are the people thinking about? Don't they know how to think big? At least the amount owed should be $10k. That is probably the least one has to pay the lawyers to sue another person to recover the debt and with no guarantee of getting a cent back. And if the amount is in millions, one can become an instant celebrity. May even write a book or produce a movie based on the exploits. May be headhunted for a big job. Singaporeans are pathetic.

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