Singaporean Toh demoted at UN

It is a shame for a world organisation like the UN to suffer from the bickering of office politics and demoted an innocent man from his post. It is a dark day for the UN and for Ban Ki Moon. Andrew Toh must stand up and fight against the injustice and the Singapore govt must do all it can to see to its fair and just ending. Toh and the Singapore govt should take out a suit against the UN and all those involved in incriminating Toh. The whole episode is so disgraceful and reflected so poorly on UN and its Secretary General.


Anonymous said...

A innocent man? Oh I forgot, how can a Singaporean be guilty of anything? Take out a suit against the UN? Of course, better still, have the trial be in a Singapore court, a sure win scenario.

redbean said...

knowing the vicious attack, i bet you, if only they can prove that he is guilty, he will be burnt on a stake.

the fact that they could not nail him in the charges brought against him speaks loudly of this man's innocent.

it could be his karma for being a singaporean.

Speedwing said...

Maybe it is his karma, maybe not. However, just as we should not sentence before quilt is proven, we must also not say he is innocent until he is proven quiltless. Or are you saying because he is a Singaporean, he is automatically innocent?

matilah_singapura said...

As seen in The Bangkok Post

Only in the fucking United Nations! These assholes want to become a powerful "global" government. They actually have a laughable list of "rights" (The UNDHR)—they've had the gall to "declare" rights without any consultation from anyone. (were you ever consulted?)

These obnoxious cunts have the temerity to invade cuntries by sending in "peacekeeping missions", and they cannot help themselves (bureaucrats will be bureaucrats) but meddle into the affairs of others.

The UN is a law unto its own. Afterall, they stand supposedly for "democracy", yet they've self-appointed themselves as the de-facto World Government—without being voted in by some sort of due process.

Therefore it doesn't surprise me that they can trump up charges—WITHOUT EVIDENCE—and ruin the career, reputation and possibly finances of an innocent individual. (Every one is innocent until proven guilty)

And by doing so, they are making a MOCKERY of their very own Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as it (supposedly) applies to JUSTICE. They are behaving EXACTLY LIKE those "dictators" they are so quick to condemn.

Fuck the UN and the neurotic asswipes who staff that global monstrosity of tyranny!!

redbean said...

the UN has actually found toh innocent of all the drummed up charges. they are hitting with minor things that were unrelated to the original accusations eg like he forgot to declare all his assets when he joined the UN or he did not keep a note book on all his trips by cabs etc etc

it is a mockery of justice and like matilah said, a violation of individual rights. they are behaving like a bunch of warlords.