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Singapore Malaysia reunion

This topic has been raised again and understandably you will get a wide range of views on it. Most of the hostile views were either directed at the personality level or the fundamental issue of Bumiputra right. The personality issue will go away with time. Not sure about the latter. But one cannot rule out the possibility of it going away when Malaysia gets more properous and more confident of itself. There are issues that we cannot accept or settle today. We cannot predict what the future generations will do. It may not be the same kind of merger as envisaged in the past or today. But for the two countries to work closer, cooperate more, work out more areas where national barriers can be sidestepped or broken down, freeing the people from the baggages of the past, are the natural things to come for mutual benefits. It cannot go on like this forever. Some time later, two visionary leaders from both sides may emerge and say lets hold hands and work together for our own good without dismantling too many fundamental rights of each people and country. The future is uncertain and is rosy.


Matilah_Singapura said...

S'pore was kicked out of the federation because of those incestuous and corrupt Bhumi's.

As long as that terrorist supporter organisation UMNO is around, adn wields power, there can be no total political reconciliation.

Oh BTW, I hold a Malaysian work permit.

Have a rockin' ramadan!


Anonymous said...

As usual you are spouting shit from your mouth. Go back to that rock you crawl out from.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In Salsa!

> Go back to that rock you crawl out from. <

I would love to, but your mother's raised her prices :(

Selamat Hara Kiri :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

In Salsa!

> Go back to that rock you crawl out from. <

I would love to, but your mother's bed smells of your cologne. I just can't get excited... :(

Sell-a-ma Hara Kiri :-)

redbean said...

let's not get religion and the sacred stone be mixed up with personal diatribes.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Apparently—and I do not forsee any change in this–people seem to prefer attacking me personally than attacking my ideas, premises and conclusions.

If they choose to have a go at me, I will put a fatwah on their ass.

redbean said...

Merger issue

There were many responses from across the causeway, particularly from the politicians. And what did we get, polemics, bickerings and historical baggages. None is wise enough to take a step back to talk about the issue. It is obvious that the people are not ready to talk about it.

All the doors are slammed shut. Not even to moot over the issue. It is that pathetic.

Matilah_Singapura said...

As long as there are the fuck-heads of UMNO—itself a piece of shit organisation, we are going to get historical baggage, polemics and crap.

These fuckers are perenially "unreasonable"—they go out of their way to make things difficult for others, and the LUURRRRVE POWER.

Incestuous cunts!