The residents were furious

Raymond Lim and his MPs hold court to answer queries from the residents. I saw some snippets on TV news. And were the residents furious? The short clip only showed some residents asking questions on the ineffectiveness of ERP despite having to pay more and the ire over the comment that the funeral hub at Sin Ming Lane were be as attractive as Disneyland. The Minister and his MPs replied. By their expression you could see how uncomfortable they were. Neither were the standard replies well received. Would the Minister and MPs think that they have replied and case closed?


Matilah_Singapura said...

At least the flashy entrepreneurs running HDB and URA have the right view by making their hot-shit idea as "exciting" as Disneyland.

The can have Mickey Mouse, Bambi etc to entertain the children... and "free gifts" and snacks for the adults.

C'mon people, get with it. Imagine how convenient it would be to die.... what the fuck are you complaining about?

redbean said...

dying is great and being displayed in disneyland, wow!

it is the living that are complaining.

Anonymous said...

No one in their right mind wants to have their neighbourhood turned into the Funeral Hub of Singapore of all things.

Unlike any other business, it is "business" done at a very emotional and sad time for the deceased's family. All sadness and nothing bright and cheerful about it.

Yet, Death is both part and parcel of life itself. We cannot ignore nor avoid it. So we must deal with it.

What are the reasons for having the Funeral Hub at Sin Ming ? Easy to get to, convenient transportation ?

It is my understanding that the regular reviews and increase in taxi, bus and MRT fares is to ensure good quality public transportation. Compared to many other countries in Asia Pacific, USA, Europe and Asia, I dare say Singapore transportation system is something we can be proud of. There are not many places in Singapore we cannot get to using public transport. Besides, no place is too far in Singapore, really.

Instead of concentrating everything in one single place, why not have mini hubs and spread the load across the housing estates in Singapore. Simplistically, divide Singapore into 4 to 6 areas, each will have their own service "hub". Death is part of their lives too, isn't ? Surely, it is convenient to go to the funeral parlours close to them than to go to another area.

Alternatively locate it where there is no residence and where people can associate death with, like next to Mandai Columbarium.

Imagine locating the hub at Sin Ming, there will be increased traffic - car, human and spirit, funeral procession. Will homes in Sin Ming is known as Funeral Hub homes ? Not a good feeling to be linked to death like this in everyday life.

To all the Singaporeans and visitors living in all other parts of Singapore, ask yourself this question. If your neighbourhood is going to be the Funeral Hub of Singapore, how would you feel about it and do you want to continue to stay there ? How many people (excluding people in the business for the dead) will say yes, I wonder.

redbean said...

there were two issues that the residents were furious. other than the funeral hub, they are angry for having to pay more erp charges but with no improvements on the road. and the answers given were less than satisfactory.

funeral service is an emotional thing. it will be good if they can do a study to review and adapt such activities with modern living and bring in the religious establishments like churches, temples and mosques to play a part together. over the years many practices have already been stream lined.

the muslim has a very efficient way of sending their departed love ones away. the church services are very dignified without disturbing the peace. even the buddhist funeral are very much simplified compared to the taoists. adaptation to modern lifestyle is the way to go.