PSLE, communication gap?

Tan Yap Kwang, Executive Director of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board replied to the recent furore on the difficult PSLE Maths Paper. What he was saying was that there was no difference between this year and last year's paper. The questions were set from a blueprint by experienced teachers and examiners. I tend to agree with his comments. The only possibility, if there is an increase in difficulty, is for someone to try out something new. Given the constant change in policies recently, this cannot be ruled out. Otherwise, given the regularity of the examinations over the years, they are unlikely to err too far away. From a different angle, some parents may feel that their children are geniuses and are expected to get 100 marks. And some will see anything less than 100% correct as bad. What may be of concern is to set too high a level of difficulty that frightens or stresses out the young minds. But if this was explained to them in advance and they know what to expect, then it should not be an issue. The children and parents must expect some of the questions to be beyond them. Is there a communication gap?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Schools, especially government schools, are nothing but mass worker training camps designed to turn out obedient, compliant morons, to be moulded to the whim of those who wield power in the society.

The parents are no different, they are zombies created the by the same system, and best of all, they EXPECT the govt to look after their children, and on top of that "educate" their kids during the week.

I have yet to find a word to describe the tax-eating tyrants and shysters who run this whole scam, but the idiot parents (many who'll claim to "love" their children—mere lip service in my opinion to make themselves "look good" as parents) willingly invite this intrusion by The State into family life by passing on the EXTREMELY VITAL RESPONSIBILITY of the child's education, intellectual and social development over to some dumb-fuck civil servant, and his zombie minions—which include schoolteachers, principals and anyone else complicit in this pervasive sham.

I am not at all surprised at this debacle with the exam papers. Usually when a mistake is made, it is corrected. However, this one was made again. It shows you how much the state, and how much the (shameful) parents really do care about the welfare of their children.

I consider public education and the "teaching" syllabus that goes with it State Sponsored Tax Funded Mass CHILD ABUSE, and thus anyone involved in this rort is, by definition, a Child Abuser.

redbean said...

how patronising : )

but it is ok. i am not complaining. everyone is free to be patronising.