Police and their handling of civil activities

The MPs had a field day asking Ho Peng Kee about how the police handled the public especially with regards to the wearing of T shirts with printed messages and holding of public forums. The way the police handled T shirts seemed to be the key attraction after the White Elephant Incident. And it seems that they are still doing the same thing in the case of the Myanmese protest against the military rule. And Ho Peng Kee was rather apologetic and tried to explain away as over reactions. I think we should be easy on the police after all they are there to protect the people. They have the people's interest and safety at heart. They are just doing what other police forces are doing so cannot be too far wrong. Just make sure they don't take on the style of Rela officers or the Myanmese police then we should be quite ok.


matilah_singapura said...

Without the proper enforcement of the separation of powers of the state—which is a standard "check" on state power—it is no wonder why it is only too easy to get the police to do "political" cleanups and to suppress the liberty of the peaceful citizens.

A "proper" government would get its police force to PROTECT the civil rights of the people—i.e. to ensure that protests are conducted in an orderly fashion, so that people with opposing views, for instance, don't end up killing one another.

This idea seems to have been lost from all the bullshit propaganda the govt spews out.

However, at the end of the day, the people do get the government they deserve.

redbean said...

i like balji's used of the term trophy to describe the msm. there are many trophies to be won by the winning political party in any political system.