notable quotes - loh chee kong

One man's 'acceptable business practice' is another man's kickback. Loh Chee Kong This quote is quite universal and can be applied to many situations.


Matilah_Singapura said...

In The Business World Jungle, anything goes. So this statement by Loh is correct.

In fact in life itself, anything goes. Yes, there are consequences to every action, but humans will do anything they like and can, because the have free will, which always tell them to behave in their own self-interest.

Sometimes that self interest will include your self interest. Most of the time however, it won't, and more often than not "bad things" will happen to you—which you'll think is the OTHER PERSON'S FAULT. Perhaps it is, but until you accept that he was only behaving in his own self interest, and that anything goes as far as human behaviour is concerned, you'll remain a pissed-off and angry "victim"—which IMO, is not in your self-interest.

I don't know why people go to zoo's and circuses for entertainment—variety, I suppose. To me The Human Species is the most entertaining of all the species combined!

redbean said...

that's true. but don't get caught.